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Increase Energy Efficiency & Slash Operation Costs With Industrial/Commercial/Residential LED Lighting

No two spaces are alike – they have their unique lighting requirements. Lighting Solutions By GP understands that and offers multiple options to customers looking for the highest quality, customizable lighting solutions. Our extensive line of certified LED lighting products includes LED linear high bay lights, vapor proof LED light fixtures, LED garage lights, linear shop lights, school LED lights, motion sensor LED lights, and more. We are confident that our wide range of products will help you accomplish your new construction or renovation project with ease and in the best possible manner. Browse our website to learn more about our various offerings.

Dramatically Enhance the Look of Your Premises and Attract Customers with Super-Bright LED Lights

During the day, your property is usually well-illuminated by natural light, but at nighttime, good lighting is what determines how your customers or passersby perceive your business. Bad lighting conditions can be a real letdown and create a bad impression. Whether it’s getting your building noticed by passersby or creating a welcoming environment, our LED building lights can help you attract and keep customers. We offer wall pack lights, LED street lights, LED retrofit kits to dramatically enhance the look and feel of your commercial, industrial, or residential space. Well-lit areas do not only look beautiful, but ensure clear visibility– creating a feeling of safety and security around your premises.

Slash Operation Costs & Improve Working Conditions with Energy-Efficient LED lights

Our LED lighting solutions not only save you money by reducing energy consumption and operation costs, but also improve employee efficiency by ensuring improved working conditions. Unlike traditional fluorescent lighting, our industrial LED lights and manufacturing plants LED lights emit natural-looking illumination and enhance your industrial space. The lighting fixtures suit various applications, including office buildings, product distribution centers, and industrial warehouses. Our retrofit LED kits replace the outdated fluorescent tubes with energy-saving lights that install directly into your current fixtures, without the need to remove or replace them.

Why Choose Us

Lighting Solutions By GP carries a large supply of LED lighting options in different styles and sizes. We are confident that we can assist you with any project–small or large! We put our lighting products through rigorous trials in our in-house testing facility in order to ensure they stand up to any environment. For large or repeat orders, we have in-house account managers available to assist you throughout your new construction or renovation project.

Looking for the best LED lighting solution for your unique requirements? Lighting Solutions By GP can help you determine the right amount and style of lights you need to complete your project on any budget!