LSG- Mi-light Series Strip Control RGBW


$28.99 $45.00

With this 2.4G MiLight RF Wireless LED Dimmer and the WiFi controller, you can control Single Color LED Strip lights with iOS 5.0 or Android smart phone App, free download from Apple App Store, or Android Google Play with the new App name: Mi.light

With the technology of the 2.4G high frequency wireless remote control, it has the characteristics of low power consumption, long distance transmission, and strong anti-interference ability, high speed telecommunications, etc. 

Size: 3.4 * 1.8* 0.92 inch

Working voltage: DC 12V ~ 24V

Input method: DC 5.5*2.1 Female connector input and 2 wire(+ -)  input

Output control: 2 circuit

Control current: 6A/circuit, total: 12A

Total Output Current: 12A

Output connection: Common Anode(+)

Control distance: approx 30 meters  ( 98.43 ft )

Package included:

1 piece of 2.4G WiFi Compatible RF Wireless LED Dimmer Mi Light 4-Zone Controller

1 piece of 3M Sticker

1 piece of user's manual

The following are the photos showing how are the 2.4G Wifi controller and phone/table and lights working together, you would buy the products you want and operate as a perfect system: