Enhanced Energy-Efficiency with Industrial High Bay Lighting Fixtures

Compared to perpendicular alignment, placing our linear high bay fixtures parallel to aisles is approximately 50% more energy-efficient, and helps reduce eye strain. The layout is also easier to control. Thanks to motion sensors! LED Solutions by GP offers linear LED high bay light fixtures in a variety of light distribution options including medium beam and wide light designs.

  • Wide Distribution Linear High Bay LED Lights

Wide distribution linear LED high bay fixtures are designed to offer a broader light distribution and are ideal for open layouts in order to provide uniform light.

  • Medium Beam Distribution Linear High Bay LED Lights

LED linear high bay fixtures with a medium-light distribution offer a more concentrated beam, casting very little of the light outside of a 0-270 degree zone.

Our narrow and medium distribution linear high bay LED lights are ideal for aisles or higher ceilings. We have lighting solutions with mounting brackets—both dimmable and non-dimmable, UFO, and basic designs. Their common applications include retail stores, warehouses, gyms, industrial areas, workshops, factory, highway toll station, gas station, shopping mall, supermarket, exhibition hall, and more.

When selecting a linear LED high bay, make sure you compare the lumen output of your current fixture to the linear high bay you are considering. Check the product description and specifications carefully, or give us a call for help picking the right high bay fixtures for your application.