Residential LED Lighting

We Offer You Bright, Vibrant, Energy-Efficient Lights for Your Home

Residential LED lighting from LED Solutions by GP isn't just a brighter, more vibrant source of light for your home, there are many benefits to using our lights over traditional light sources, from energy savings to maintenance savings, high performance, quality lighting, and 24-hour operation. In addition to that, our LED lights provide you with beautiful, illuminated surroundings which dramatically enhance the look of your home....

Our LED Lights are Built to Last and Allow for Significant Cost-Savings

Having a life expectancy of 35,000 to 100,000 hours, residential LED lights by LED Solutions by GP are some of the best in the business. They are built to last and offer years of continuous operation without needing you to replace them again and again — a major problem you face with many traditional lighting fixtures. As compared to incandescent fluorescent and metal halide, our LED lights are approximately 75% more energy-efficient, allowing for significant cost-savings.

We Offer A Wide Variety of LED Lighting Solutions for Residential Applications

For residential applications, LED Solutions by GP offers a wide selection of lighting solutions to choose from. Whether you are looking for dimmable led downlights, puzzle lamps, cabinet lights, ceiling mounted diffusers, or anything else, we have you covered. Our LED fixtures are an amazing and sustainable way to upgrade your space. Browse our complete list of products to see what we have in our bag to offer and select what best meets your requirement. Need kitchen cabinet LED lights? Look no further!

We Offer LED Lights that Meet the Quality Standards and Industry Specifications

At LED Solutions by GP, we provide our customers with the highest quality LEDs that meet industry standards and tight specifications. This provides a consistent color of light from fixture to fixture and ensures sustained high performance over time. Always remember that the number of lumens doesn't always mean a brighter light. LED Solutions by GP has the equipment knowledge and experience you need to make smarter lighting fixtures. We design optics and fixtures to deliver light exactly where you need it, reducing the amount of wasted light back into the fixture, on the ceiling, or into the night sky.

All these factors: energy savings, light output, lower maintenance, more concentrated light, and optimal fixture design — combine to create a better environment for your home. Get residential LED lights from LED Solutions by GP today!