LSG Completed LED Lighting Projects

3 Solid Reasons Why Your Warehouse Needs LED Lighting

Lighting conditions are one of the important aspects of any warehouse work environment, whether it operates 24 hours a day or a few hours a week. When you have correct lighting conditions in your warehouse, you are most likely to have higher productivity, lower risk of accidents and injuries, and a more comfortable environment for the workers. 

Illuminate Streets Properly And Cost-Effectively With LED Street Lights

Many people walking on the streets, driving home, or waiting for a friend to arrive have experienced uncertainty, fear, or doubt in the presence of poor, dimly-lit street lights. We all have experienced this sense of insecurity in streets where lighting is poor.

Guide to Choosing the Right LED Color

Many people misconstrue LED color with the color of the LED, such as red, yellow, or blue. But the term “LED color” technically refers to the LED color temperature — the color of the light emitted from an LED. Also, the color temperature has nothing to do with the temperature of the LED but only the color of the glow it throws. It is measured in degrees Kelvin (K), which generally ranges from 1900K to 6500K. The Kelvin scale is indirectly proportional to the color temperature scale. This means that the warmer the glow color, the lower the Kelvin temperature.

Reduce Operation Costs and Improve Productivity—Upgrade to LED Lighting Solutions by GP

Good lighting conditions are important to every commercial and industrial facility to illuminate the surroundings, provide better visibility, and ensure safety; however, choosing the right lighting fixtures is even more important to get the most out of your lighting systems. If you are still using the outdated, conventional lighting systems in your manufacturing plants, it’s high time you upgrade to more useful and energy-saving LED lights. There are so many advantages of using top quality LED lights in manufacturing plants apart from just energy efficiency and cost reduction. They offer a great source in terms of color quality providing the full spectrum of light—similar to that of natural daylight and drastically reduce the need for maintenance. Choose LED lighting solutions by GP to ensure your facility is lit to the safest and most efficient of standards.
    Why Upgrade from Traditional lighting to new Manufacturing Plants LED lighting

    The cost-effectiveness of white LED light has completely transformed how we illuminate the spaces we live and work in. The bright and beautiful, energy-efficient, and sustainable LED lighting is replacing the outdated, energy-consuming HID lighting in manufacturing, commercial, and public facilities. Offering nearly 3 to 5 times more longevity than conventional lighting sources, LED lighting can help you save up to 40 to 70% on energy consumption thus significantly reduce maintenance costs.

    LED lights offer Better Visibility for Better Safety & Productivity
    Visibility is extremely important at manufacturing facilities to maintaining safety and productivity. Not using the right lights and/or improper lighting placement can lead to a variety of problems and cost a lot of money. Using manufacturing plants LED lights can help you increase visual acuity on production lines and improve productivity. Here is how

    • Employees can easily identify hazards in the workplace by reading warning signs, work instructions, product details, and safety information.
    • Better lighting conditions prevent adverse health effects of eye strain, reduce accidents at work, and ensure more accuracy in workmanship.
    • Less wastage of products and better supervision by officers and managers.
    Choose LED Solutions by GP for Top Quality Industrial and Commercial Lighting Systems

    LED Solutions by GP has helped numerous clients in the manufacturing industry looking for top quality industrial and commercial lighting systems to boost efficiency and reduce energy consumption while also maintaining a responsible, environmentally friendly public image. Choose from our best high bay and flood LED lights for manufacturing plants to increase safety and productivity within your manufacturing facility, or contact us for assistance on selecting a lighting solution that will effectively meet your plant needs.

    LSG Outdoor Kitchen LED Accent lighting

    LSG Outdoor Kitchen LED Accent lighting


    LSG Outdoor Kitchen LED Accent lighting.
    Another completed project by
    Come shop for outdoor LED Strip Light and multi Zone Controllers, RF and Wifi.


    Introducing LED Solutions by GP

    LED Solutions by GP is an online LED lighting store.

    GP is passionate about using LED lights and has been in the construction and renovation industry for over 30 years.  This online store is a another way that GP is trying to expand the consumer knowledge of LED lights and how great they are for your home, office or retail store location.

    GP believes that the major advantages of using LED lights are:

    • Design flexibility - brightness & color control
    • A long lifetime - 50,000 hours or more
    • Direct & efficient illumination
    • Environmentally friendly product



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