Control Your LED Light Strips More Easily and Conveniently With Your Wi-Fi enabled Smartphone

Now you can control your LED light strips easily from anywhere using your smartphone or LED controller. LEDSolutions by GP offers top quality RGBW Wi-Fi LED lights with free control support that allows you to instantly connect your LED light strips to your Android or iOS phone’s Wi-Fi network. For Wi-Fi control, all you are required to do is download a free controls software from the app store and configure it with your LED RGB lights. The lights quickly pair with the software in no time, and you are ready for easy and more convenient control. No plug-ins required! If your phone does not have a Wi-Fi function, you can use the LED remote control to control your lights. The controllers feature the traditional infrared or radio frequency(RF) technology. The lights come with a control range of 50m, which can be increased up to 100m if you are controlling the lights using a Wi-Fi enabled device.